Joilet Outpatient Surgery Center

The Joliet Outpatient Surgery Center (JOC) is located within our Joliet flagship office. A fully functional OR that recently received a perfect evaluation by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO), the highest level of available accreditation, offers our patients a simple and private operative experience. To our patients, that means we can safely perform surgery on them in a convenient location that adheres to the highest standards for safety currently available. In conjunction with Windy City Anesthetics, (hyperlink) patients are able to have all possible forms of anesthesia to make their surgery as comfortable and safe as possible.

Surgeries performed at the JOC include breast augmentation, abdominoplasy, blepharoplasty, facelift, fat grafting, and all manner of work related injuries to the hand or extremities. Having this operating suite allows our work related injury patients to be seen in emergency situations, and if necessary, operated on the same day without setting foot in a hospital. Patients who are injured during work can therefore, safely skip the emergency room and be seen in our office without going through the wait and headache typically seen in most hospital based emergency rooms.

A typical JOC experience begins at our Joliet office (insert hyperlink to this office description) where you will be taken to our preoperative holding area. In the holding area you can expect to speak with our nurses, surgical technicians and anesthetist as well as having another opportunity to speak with your surgeon prior to the procedure. After preop, surgery will be performed in our exclusive surgical suite. The surgical experience will finish in the post anesthesia care unit where you will be monitored for your safety for a variable period of time after surgery. Once your safety is assured, you will be escorted from our surgical unit to our private outpatient surgery door where you will meet your family or friend to take you home. Feel free to request a tour of the facility during your consultation when considering surgery.

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