Fat Grafting

The transfer of fat from unwanted problem areas to volume depleted zones of the face, breast, as part of breast reconstruction following cancer surgery, or scars, is an exciting and powerful technique that Drs Matthew Endara and Alan Chen are proud to offer.  Fat grafting is particularly effective for reversal of age associated volume loss of the face and for correction of irregularities that presents following breast reconstruction using either implants or the body’s own tissues. 

Fat grafting technique involves liposuction of fat from an area of excess, processing of the fat, and injection of the fat into the volume depleted zone.  Not all of the fat transferred will survive and the rate of ‘fat graft take’ is dependent on several factors.  The location of transfer, method for processing fat, and blood supply all affect the fat graft take.  Due to this variable amount of fat graft take patients frequently require more than one session of grafting to attain their desired result.  The fat that does survive, will provide a permanent solution for the patient’s cosmetic or reconstructive needs.

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